Terms of use Unizic online teaching platform
1. Definitions
2. Scope
3. Access to the service
4. Registration and creation of your account
5. Identifiers security
6. Responsibility of the user
7. Service supply
8. Personal data
9. Intellectual property
10. Exercising of the right of withdrawal
11. Force Majeure
12. No waiver
13. Convention of evidence
14. Applicable law
15. MangoPay

1. Definitions Service : All the features provided on the online teaching platform and accessible at ::
Visitor : Person accessing Unizic online teaching platform for consulting purposes.
«Student» account : Account created by a legal person (majority and capacity), allowing himself or a minor student who the legal person is responsible of, to access online learning service, according to the paid training credits.
Login : Email address and any PIN or password to login and access the personal space.
Personal space : space dedicated to the student account including identifiers of the legal person and eventually of the minor student and whose registration is required to access some features of the service, such as payment means and access to online learning space and tools.
Content : Information, data, texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, pictures videos, messages or other items posted online.

2. Scope These terms define the conditions under which visitors and users via the “student” account can access the service and use it. Any access to this service implies their full acceptance without any reservation. UNIZIC reserves the right to make any changes to the terms. The applicable version is the one displayed at the time the site is consulted or used.

3. Access to the service Users and visitors can access the service via an internet access through a PC or mobile (eg tablet) terminal. Il appartient à l'utilisateur/visiteur de s'assurer des pré-requis techniques nécessaires pour une utilisation optimale du service. The user/visitor should make sure that he has the required technical conditions for optimal use of the service. For this, the user/visitor must have access to internet with sufficient bandwidth and have hardware equipment with video and audio cards. In order to test the equipment, UNIZIC provides an online tool for checking the compatibility of the user/visitor’s equipment with UNIZIC platform. Furthermore, in case of difficult access to the service, a dedicated address is available:

4. Registration and creation of your account To benefit from the full service, creating a personal account is required. In order to do it, the legal representative of the “student” account, is committed to provide true, accurate and complete information about the identity and age of the student. He agrees not to create a false identity which could mislead UNIZIC or third party to impersonate the identity of other. In case of modification, he agrees to immediately update the data submitted during registration. In the event that the legal representative of the student account provides false, inaccurate, incomplete, misleading information, UNIZIC, may immediately without notice or compensation, disable or terminate the account and deny access, either temporally or permanently, all or a part of the service. Minors over 13 are admitted but on the express condition that they previously obtained from their parents or the holder of parental authority to do so. Minors are registered by the legal representative and it means that they have previously obtained the authorization. UNIZIC reserves the right to check and suspend access to the service in the absence of proof.

5. Identifiers security The user, registered as « student » agrees to keep its password secret and not disclose it to third parties. Any loss, misuse or unauthorized use of user credentials of a "student" and their consequences are the sole responsibility of the legal representative of the account. If one of the identification data is lost or stolen, the legal representative of the account must inform without delay UNIZIC which will cancel and/or update the identification data. Any access, use of the service and data transmission from the personal account is considered to be made by the user(s) of the student account.

6. Responsibility of the user The user agrees not to divert the original purpose of the service, by exchanging or diffusing information unrelated to the training or by not complying with the instructions of the teacher. It refers in particular to illegal or prejudicial content or behavior which could conduct to legal proceeding. Reporting of such contents or behaviors to UNIZIC will result in their suspension on site or on the learning platform and UNIZIC or the victim if any will inform the relevant authorities.

7. Service supply UNIZIC shall not be held liable for the use of the service made by the users. In particular, UNIZIC shall not be liable for contents posted, sent, received by users or found on third party sites. UNIZIC provides no express or implicit guarantee, without this list being limitative, related to continuity, performance, sustainability of the services. The user agrees that the use of the service is at his own risk. The service is provided “as it exists” and is accessible without any guarantee of availability and regularity. UNIZIC will undertake efforts to have services accessible 24 hours a day, seven days per week except in case of force majeure or other event beyond the control of UNIZIC and subject to maintenance periods, possible failures, technical uncertainties of internet or malicious acts or any infringement of UNIZIC hardware or software. UNIZIC shall in any case be liable for the interruption of service regardless of its cause, duration or frequency. The user acknowledges that information transmission speed does not depend on the service but on the communication networks characteristics, connection mode and internet access features.

8. Personal data Data privacy : In accordance with French law n°78-17 of 6 january 1978 amended by law n°2004-801 of 06 August 2004 relating to data processing, files and freedom, the user is entitled to access, to rectify or to delete any information referring to him. This right may be exercised with the CIL of UNIZIC. Personal data provided to UNIZIC will be used by UNIZIC in order to provide the service.
Cookies : When browsing, cookies may be installed on your computer. The cookies do not enable to identify the user. In general, they are used to record information about browsing on the platform (consulted pages, date and time, etc.) that can be used for next visits. Thanks to the cookies, the user doesn’t have, when connecting, to provide some information and can benefit from a personalized access. It is possible for the visitor to refuse the recording of “cookies” by configuring the browser accordingly. However, to do this can affect the good functioning of the browser and restrain the delivery of all or part of the service. UNIZIC cannot therefore be held responsible.

9. Intellectual property All the contents of this platform are the property of their authors and/or their respective copyright holders. Consulting and downloading result in no transfer of intellectual property rights. They are allowed only in strict compliance with the following conditions: 9.1 - Contents whose copyrights are held by the teacher or UNIZIC. Ces contenus ne sont utilisables qu'à des fins strictement personnelles. These contents can be used for personal purposes only. Toute reproduction, utilisation collective à quelque titre que ce soit, tout usage commercial, ou toute mise à disposition de tiers d'une partie ou de la totalité de ces ressources de formation sont strictement interdits. Any reproduction, collective use for any purpose, commercial use, or any supply to a third party of these training resources is strictly prohibited. Le non respect de ces conditions expose l'utilisateur/visiteur à des poursuites judiciaires pour contrefaçon conformément aux articles L 335-2 et suivi du code de la propriété intellectuelle. Failure to comply with these conditions exposes the user / visitor to legal pursuit for copyright infringement in accordance with Articles L. 335-2 and according to the Code of Intellectual Property. Ces actes sont punis de 3 ans de prison et 300 000 euros d'amende. These acts are punishable by three years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euro.
9.2 - Contents developed by users. Ces contenus peuvent être utilisés, modifiés et diffusés conformant aux dispositions de la licence Creative Commons France (BY, NC,SA, V3). These contents may be used, modified and transmitted in accordance with the provisions of the Creative Commons license France (BY, NC, SA, V3).

10. Exercising of the right of withdrawal 10.1 - In accordance with the French consumer code disposal, the client has a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of a package purchase, which concludes the sale contract, to exercise his right of withdrawal. If no paying lessons took place during this legal withdrawal period, the client may withdraw without having to jusfify his reasons or pay penalties. However, his willingness of withdraw must be clearly formulated via the form accessible at the following adress :
10.2 - The client can also start his training before the end of the legal withdrawal period (14 days from the conclusion of the contract) and ultimately exercise his right of withdrawal during the same legal period. In such a case, when concluding the contract, and before issuing this explicit choice to anticipate his training, the client is informed that, in accordance with the French consumer code disposal, all courses given before the date the withdrawal form was sent shall be due and payable at a unit price of the selected pack, as displayed on the price list, despite his legitime right of withdrawal via the form accessible at the following adress :

11. Force Majeure The purchased lesson packages are valid for one year, from the date of purchase. However, in case of force majeur, the client will have the opportunity to obtain the refunding of non-taken lessons from the date of receipt of their requests. The client should be able to justify the legitimate reasons of the anticipated breach of the contract, that means in case of an unpredictable event preventing the normal execution of the contract, such as, in particular :
• Unemployment of the suscriber as a result of the breach of a permanent contract
• Personal bankrunptcy
• Financial hardship as a result of over-indebtedness
• Death of the student
• Hospitalization and/or sickness of the student for more than 3 month
• Incarceration of the student
• Case of force majeure

12. No waiver The fact that UNIZIC does not to take advantage of a failure or breach of a user/visitor to any of contractual or legal obligations should not be construed as a waiver of such default or the breach.

13. Convention of evidence The parties agree that all computer records made by software applications of the online learning platform will, in case of dispute, used as evidence.

14. Applicable law These Terms shall be governed by French law and any disputes shall be the responsibility of the Paris Court.

15. MangoPay